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Les Siècles

With a vast period-instrument collection at its disposal, spanning the baroque, classical, romantic and modern eras, the orchestra’s repertoire is notably wid in range.
Les Siècles is one of a small number of ensembles to employ period and modern instruments, playing each repertoire on appropriate instruments.
Its flexible and historically informed work delivers a unique strand of creative programming.


Ping Machine

Frédéric Maurin goes beyond the limits of the genre : use of spectral techniques, melodic and harmonic exploration, blocks of sound in confrontation and orchestral polyrhythm.
The artistic intent proposes original soundscapes that allows the soloists to go outside the traditional framework of improvisation. Here the sound produced by the orchestra is neither a mental thing nor a speech intended to be interpreted in a narrative way : it always contains something that communicates physically, beyond words and concepts.
The collective dimension of the ensemble, the energy and generosity of each individual produce music that is radical and uncompromising.


Quintette de Cuivres "Les Siècles"

Passionnés de la facture, de l’évolution et de l’histoire de la famille des cuivresn les musiciens de ce quintette sont issus de l’orchestre "Les Siècles", dirigé par François-Xavier Roth.
Leur instrumentation et leur répertoire s’étend sur quatre siècles de musiques originales.

Duo Trompette & Orgue

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